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  Hong Kong Wedding & Wedding Accessories Expo 2018
"Hong Kong Wedding & Wedding Accessories Expo 2018" is one of the most grand & reputable wedding exhibitions organized by Audace in Hong Kong every year. This year, the Expo is scheduled to be held in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 13th to 15th July. In the last Expo, the number of visitors reached about 62,000. It has brought fruitful business and revenue to the Exhibitors...
  Hong Kong Wedding Banquet & Wedding Services Expo 2018
The aims of the Expo are, on the one hand, to meet the need of those nuptial couples who are planning to get married. On the other hand, it also provides a golden opportunity for the Exhibitors to promote their products/services and make businesses. ...
  Kee Wah Bridal Cake Presents - 27th Hong Kong Wedding Showcase 2018




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